MGIS NGO « Save The Needy »

Slogan: « Let’s give, let’s share and let’s change a life together »

In 2009, a group of Senior High School Students, under the vision and inspiration of Tamara Cham, a Year 12 student then, undertook several community based humanitarian projects which would become the foundation for the establishment of the first ever student-led campus-wide Non-Governmental Organisation.

The students’ initial idea was to undertake diverse community service programmes such as clean-up activities; sensitization on the need for a better and healthy environment; distribution of leaflet and stickers on keeping the city clean; placing community litter bins at selected points to foster hygienic practices and other endeavours of like nature. Their main source of revenue and support was from the school, parents and guardians. Not long and the students incorporated taking care of the needs of the less fortunate as a major goal.

With good enthusiasm and complete support from the Headmistress and parents, the students undertook fervent activities in the school’s immediate environment. They visited orphanages and donated food items, clothing and occasionally, money to the residents. On a typical visit to an orphanage, they present their group and donations, share stories, play games, sing and pray with the residents.

A major outreach of support was demonstrated after the January 12th 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti. The students made a plea for support from parents and forwarded the funds to an organisation in the US to support the relief programme that was put in place after the quake.

The NGO’s activities have thrived over the years till today with wonderful student leaders taking the mantle of responsibility each year to ensure the continuity of the group’s aims.

The experience students get from participating in the outreach programmes leaves permanent positive impressions on their minds. Many have come to develop a much deeper sense of the fortunate conditions of their own lives and hence an appreciation for everything that otherwise they may have taken for granted. They also realise that society can only be changed by its members and their first responsibility is to be agents of change wherever they find themselves.

As this wonderful idea lives on, you are invited to take a look at some of their
projects in the photos below as you ponder ways that you can support!

Some images from NGO activities

Visit to Christian International School on October 20th 2016

Visit to Grand-Bassam Orphanage on February 27<sup>th</sup> 2016
Visit to Grand-Bassam Orphanage on February 27th 2016

Visit to Bingerville Orphanage on October 13<sup>th</sup> 2015
Visit to Bingerville Orphanage on October 13th 2015

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