STEP 1 – Fill out and submit the inquiry form

STEP 2 –Meet the admission officer (Face-to-face /online)Detailed information about tuition and fees is available upon an interview with the admission officer.

STEP 3 – Entrance AssessmentEntrance Assessments for an applicant are compulsory except at the discretion of the admission team.Parents/Guardians are to pay and schedule a date or time for the testing.

STEP 4 – Admission decisionThe admission office reviews applications to ensure the applicant has completed steps 1, 2 & 3. The school’s management board makes the admission decision.Parents are then notified of the decision by email within a working week. If an application has been unsuccessful, parents are required to indicate their intent to remain on the waiting list for the next academic year.

STEP 5 –Applicant (family) receives all governing documents and policies of the school from the administration office.Read, agree, and sign these documents.Pay the registration fee and first installment of tuition.Submit all the signed documents to the administration office.The application process is complete.

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