Some years ago, three Christian families were looking for a British Christian school for their wards. They were left with no option than to to put their children in school outside Cote d’Ivoire but the worry, anxiety and fatigue the parents experienced led to the founding of Morning Glory International School.

A school that will provide high quality international education to children without neglecting Christian values and principles.

The school started in a garage as an after school program and extra tuition for student with learning challenges. Over the years the school move from the garage to carious premises with the vision of training students holistically within or with the Christ-centered values and principles.

We moved to our current premises in the year 2000 and that has grown into a beautiful campus as it is today for our students. The school has trained over 50,000 students from various continents, countries, cultures and races not neglecting the basis for which the school was founded.

This vision is what is propelling the school to reach a state of maximum excellence.