Bus Service

Children cannot learn if they do not get to and from school in a safe and timely manner; this is where the Morning Glory International School Transport department comes in. We provide School transport facilities to the students commuting from, in and around Abidjan. Our main aim is to bring students to school on time and drop them back home safely on time. Student safety is our priority.

As our bus space is limited, parents/guardians should book bus space a term ahead. Booking is strictly done termly and yearly. Once you book a bus space, the transport manager visits your residential location for your ward(s) pick-up/drop-off points. To ensure that all students are transported comfortably, safely and promptly, we request you to advise your ward(s) to strictly adhere to the following rules:

· It is expected that all students will treat the bus driver with respect. 

· Students may not stand while the bus is moving. 

· Shouting or fighting is not permitted. 

· Students should sit facing the front with their full-back in the seat. 

· Heads or arms should never be put out of the window

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