Aseda Cafeteria

Good nutrition is very crucial during the growing years of children. The Aseda Cafeteria provides the general student-body snacks and balanced diets as well as vegetarian food during school breaks. The M.G.I.S. canteen menu is a guide for the whole academic year. The canteen staff will vary the food (snack, lunch & dessert) based on availability of food produce on the market, cost of food produce and events happening in the school and community at large.

For lunch, students have the choice of 3 lunch meals. These meals are categorised into vegetarian meals, non-vegetarian meals and plain rice meals. Students must inform the canteen staff of their food choices through their respective year/form teacher upon arrival into their class.

By default, all students who subscribe to the canteen will be given the non-vegetarian meals. Various dishes are prepared upon the recommendations of the School’s food committee. The menu is adapted to each changing season. We provide lots of healthy fruits and vegetables ideal for a growing mind and body. Special occasions are celebrated with special meals.

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