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CHRISTMAS_PROGRAM: 16thDecember, 2022

The Christmas program at MGIS is a festive event that includes a variety of activities such as decorating, music, dancing, acting and enjoying a meal together. The program is a time of celebration, marked by ceremonies, traditional customs, and joy, all of which commemorate the Christmas holiday. The event serves as an opportunity to express […]

INTERNATIONAL DAY : 27thOctober, 2022

Theme: “UNIFIED IN OUR DIVERSITY BY OUR CORE VALUES.”. The display of diverse, rich cultures of different nationalities was fascinating. Unity in diversity strengthens the MGIS community. This year, all the represented nationalities paraded, displaying their flags and performing cultural performances. It was encouraging to see parents there to observe their children’s beautiful display of […]


On the 4th of December, the school hosted the first “Parents Forum Get-Together. The event featured a panel discussion themed “Parenting in the 21st century, emphasizing strong values”, chaired by some parents whose wards have graduated from MGIS. There were questions and answers time, moments for networking among parents, other exciting activities; such as the […]

INTERNATIONAL DAY : October 28, 2021

Theme: “REGIONAL COOPERATION FOR PEACE AND STABILITY”. It was thrilling to see a display of rich culture from students and staff of different nationalities. MGIS community draws strength from unity in diversity. This year parades and cultural performances were done in regions exhibiting cooperation among countries for peace and stability. It was encouraging to see […]

WORLD MENTAL Health DAY : 10th October

World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. With the global theme: Mental Health in an Unequal World, Kshitij Kumar and two other students, all year 12 students, addressed the High school and Sixth Form College students. They shed light on the importance of […]

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