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INTERNATIONAL DAY of the GIRL CHILD : 10th October 2021

International Day of the Girl Child is an annual and internationally recognized observance on October 11 that empowers girls and amplifies their voices. Jameelah Diaby and Miracle Mosuro, both year 13 students, addressed the girls in the high school and Sixth Form College about the importance of empowering all young girls.  They encourage their colleagues […]


This day marked a major milestone for student leadership as twenty-six Sixth Form College students were ushered into the prestigious Students’ Council in a solemn and majestic ceremony. We seek God’s guidance and inspiration for them as they work to improve the lives of their fellow students through actions that will ultimately result in the growth […]

TEACHER/ STAFF ORIENTATION : August 10 – 17, 2021

Management believes in capacity building of staff hence organised a training conference themed ‘LEARN. TEACH. IMPACT.’ The conference started from 2nd to 9th August for new staff and continued from 10th to 16th August for all staff. The conference offered a broad range of highly interactive sessions with professionals, training from experts sharing their state-of-the-art […]

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